Luxemburg Couchgrass

When I lived in Germany I knew guy from Luxemburg who gave me music from band called Couchgrass which I think is also from Luxemburg. Few seem to know about them and I. Maybe they wont make it into the history books of Rock n’ Roll since the competition is quite fierce. Still, I think they have some to offer. The album I have is called Motel love.

Both these songs are about failed love in some way. And probably overly emotional you could say, but that’s at least partly the point of music, right? To be more emotional than what is practical, viable, in real life, and by this performing some kind of cleansing of the mind.

L-Pill For The Lonely starts off really shy and cautious and then bursts out into some outcry.

L-Pill For The Lonely

Gim-Crack Gigolo follows. I don’t listen heavy metal or any of that stuff, and maybe those who do would disagree, but this song has one of the best screaming I’ve ever heard.

Gim-Crack Gigolo