Misinterpreting Bob Marley, logical conclusions about life

What does Bob Marley mean with ”No woman, no cry”?

I think he means this: No woman implies no cry. Or written as predicate logic:

x Woman(x) y Crying(y)

If there is no woman, there is no-one crying. (This is because, either only women cry or because women is the only reason for men to cry.)

But he could also mean that he’s tired of women and their crying babies. So he doesn’t want to hear either women or cries. This may seem stupid, but it’s really a profound realization. It would be possible to have a world where no-one is crying or suffering. But that would be a desert devoid of life. If there would be no woman there wouldn’t exist any possibility for straight man to have his heart broken by a woman. (maybe by a fictional one) But men would not choose to have it that way even if they could. And we would not choose to have life on earth completely eradicated only because life implies suffering. Crying has a function as a signal and you could theoretically express this in some other way but the concept as signaling an emotional state of being in need of help and comfort would still exist.