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Salt the skies / It’s all around you
En video om Tortoise: WE HAVE SIGNAL: TORTOISE

Lyssna på Tortoise senaste album, Beacons of Ancestorship på deras webbsida, www.trts.com

Beck lägger upp en massa bra saker på vimeo.com/videotheque. Record Club verkar vara nåt slags dream team med Thurston Moore och alla möjliga. Även deltagare medlemmar i Tortoise tror jag. Lyssna på vad som helst t.ex. Nostalgia eller Swept away

Pavement på 90-talet:

ny intervju med Stephen Malkmus på vimeo här.

Den grynna tillverkningen av simpson-avsnitt? / Générique de Simpsons par Banksy

Cyanide Breath Mint

Man kan tänka sig att Beck har lite svårt för att gå på coctail-partyn i San Fransisco eller var det är han bor.


definitely this is the wrong place to be
there’s blood on the futon
there’s a kid drinking fire
going down to the sea
they got people to meet
shaking hands with themselves
looking out for themselves

when they ask you for credit
give them a branch
when they want you to get it
chew on the grass
I know I know ‘cause they told me to tell you
there’s nothing to tell you
there’s nothing to sell you

in the afternoon
riding the scapegoat
burning equipment
cool off your jets
take off your sweats
I got a funny feeling they got plastic in the afterlife

when they want you to cry
leap into the sky
when they suck your mind
like a pigeon you’ll fly
I know i know
it’s the positive people
running from their time
looking for some feeling

Modern Guilt

Don’t know what I’ve done but I feel ashamed

I remember reading somewhere about an experiment from which they drew the conclusion that dogs always look as though they feel ashamed when their owner yells at them, even if they haven’t done anything wrong.

The video obviously had a small budget but the sound quality is good.

Beck has always been a cool guy but maybe a bit too ironic. It seems Beck has matured a bit on this album from 2008 so that you actually can read some sense into his lyrics. I can understand the motives behind being ironic to the max. If no-one can tell what you’re trying to say, they can’t critisize you. And in a way, you’re being more modest when you’re being ironic. Because you are not saying, I know how the world works, I know which opinions are correct. Instead, you’re kind of saying, there are folks who would say this and that in this situation and you are just giving them a voice (and making fun of them at the same time).