Most songs are advocating staying together and ”believing in love” and such while this may be entirely wrong in some situations. I am afraid that all these emotional expressions may make people too biased in their judgement. Because of this I think it’s a good cause to try to list some songs that advocate the opposite.

1. First a clip that explains what ”separate” means:

Separate from a Squid on your head youtube

A german song:

Geht auseinander Wir sind Helden (2005)

Nur ein Schritt zurück — Bara ett steg tillbaka
Nur einer — bara ett
Siehst du — ser du
Es geht — det går
Geht auseinander! — Gå ifrån varandra!


Zeit nicht zu zweit zu sein — Det är på tiden att ni inte är tillsammans längre


Sidewalk Built to Spill (1999)

Come on break it up
It’s gone on long enough
What has it changed for you?
What has it changed for you?

It seems to be a about breaking up relationship but someone comments ”honest to god, i think this song is about walking on a sidewalk.” And maybe Dough Marsch is talking about breaking up the pavement.



We’re not supposed to be lovers — Adam Green (2003)



Hunter Dido (1999)



Separate the people — Mates of State (2003)


This is not really about breaking up. I think it’s more about changing the goverment or something. But it’s a nice song.

Tell me if you have anymore suggestions of songs on this topic.