What about God?

It could be that although there is no evidence of God in this world, a God still exists but outside this reality, and you would meet this God in the afterlife. However the tales from the middle east a few thousand years ago don’t make much sense. It doesn’t make much sense that God only communicated with the humans at a very few time-points and so long ago. If He would like to keep communication with humanity, this should happen on a more regular basis than this. It also doesn’t make sense that multiple bloody wars have broken out over the correct way to revere God without God interfering and saying what the correct way is. This behaviour, or lack of behaviour, makes me think that there is not so much to gain from a God that doesn’t make anything about these obvious problems that were in large part caused by the notion of God.

Below is a wall-painting from a church in Bucharest (Romania) and which depicts Devils and flood of fire:




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