David Chalmers

David Chalmers

Max Tegmark was on Skavlan a week ago, and because of that I started looking for any lecture online by him. I found one in which he was talking about the works of David Chalmers, who is a philosofer in the area of consciousness (medvetande). And I also listened to a lecture by David Chalmers. The question he is trying to investigate is why there is such a thing as consciousness. They argue that you could imagine a world which we behave like we do here, but where we would lack consciousness. But that isn’t the case, consciousness is something that exists. To explain this they resort to some kind of Panpsychism — that consciousness in varying degrees are present everywhere. Just as the force of gravity is present everywhere at varying degrees. Max Tegmark seeems to be of the opinion that consciousness is not substrate-specific. Just as waves are not specific to water, consciousness would not be specific to biological brains. The conditions for consciousness would instead be linked to certain information processing capabilities. This is a bit over the top and it’s hard to say if they are geniuses or geniuses gone crazy. The problem of how consciousness emerges is referred to as ”the hard problem” regarding the brain, while how the brain actually performs it’s computation is an ”easier” problem, even though that seems super difficult.


Max Tegmark at TEDxCambridge 2014

David Chalmers, TED-talk March 2014

Here is also an existensial comic about it.

2 tankar om “Panpsychism

    • Ja, det var viss koppling till David Chalmers tankar. Men jag tyckte att han lade krutet mest på att argumentera för att tro på ett högre medvetande för att det var bra för ens egna hälsa och för samhället. Bra poäng han hade där om att ”Science: Give me on miracle and I will give you the rest for free”.


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