Prefrontal cortex of programmers

I have a theory, that for humans that are programmers, the part of the brain which is supposed to be used to plan your life, is instead exhausted on logics of fileformats and optimization-considerations regarding interface-design. Or that it’s not mature enough, so that it’s good enough for writing some simple-minded text-parsing in Python and some low-level stuff in C++, but not just mature and clear enough to plan when to have vacation, when to go on a date and apply for jobs. (It of course matters what tasks you consider as part of ”planning your life”.)

I think it’s the part just behind your forehead, which is called prefrontal cortex, which is used for planning. And I think, this is a part of the brain that takes extremely long time to mature. I’m in my thirties now and I hope it’s about to mature soon. 



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