Artikeln nedan handlar om legibility, vilket betyder läsbarhet. Människan vill att det den ser ska vara läsbart och vill därför ordna till det. Ordna till städer, skogar, kod med mera.

Here is the recipe:

1. Look at a complex and confusing reality, such as the social dynamics of an old city
2. Fail to understand all the subtleties of how the complex reality works
3. Attribute that failure to the irrationality of what you are looking at, rather than your own limitations
4. Come up with an idealized blank-slate vision of what that reality ought to look like
5. Argue that the relative simplicity and platonic orderliness of the vision represents rationality
6. Use authoritarian power to impose that vision, by demolishing the old reality if necessary
7. Watch your rational Utopia fail horribly




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