Easily amused

I think it’s easy to get burnt when searching for love. ”Love is not for the faint of heart” To draw the conclusion that it’s too risky, too small chance to have any success, too much work and too much pain if you thought you’re getting somewhere, but eventually you realize that it failed. I was talking to a man at my company this spring. He said nowadays it’s ”slit-och-släng” relationships. That it’s not like it was before. He said he did the military service at a certain place because of someone he loved but that he got dumped anyway. And this man is probably around 50. So that military service he was talking about was probably at least 20 years ago. But as he spoke about it, it probably still affected him though it was so long ago. I saw a documentary today about a man with health issues. He had been bullied by his father and later by other kids in school. At one occasion he felt betrayed by one of the very few friends he had. So he made the decision to isolate himself in his apartment in Fittja, and did so for decades. He was building a wooden model of a luxury cruiser. A relative of ”jupitermannen” said that ”jupitermannen” had so few people in his bubble: His bullying father, his mother had been very dear to him but that had died and very others. And because of this it was very difficult to for him to discern any nuances in people, so that they were either totally good or totally bad. The man died towards the end of the documentary. The plot was a bit similar to the one in ”Igelkottens elegans”.


2 thoughts on “Easily amused

  1. I think I will have a birthday party in weekend after my birthday, you should come done to the city in the south and take part of it.


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