Allvarlig brist på trä (på 1700-talet)

Jeremy Grantham, har skrivit en artikel med titeln Time to Wake Up: Days of Abundant Resources and Falling Prices Are Over Forever. Jeremy Grantham är Chief Investment Officer på GMO Capital.

I believe that we are in the midst of one of the giant inflection points in economic history. This is likely the beginning of the end for the heroic growth spurt in population and wealth caused by what I think of as the Hydrocarbon Revolution rather than the Industrial Revolution.

Ett parti som jag tyckte var intressant var om träets betydelse på 1700-talet, före man hade hittat kol och olja. Trä användes till allt och det blev skriande brist på många håll.

Wood availability was probably the most limiting factor on economic growth in the world and, in a hydrocarbonless world, the planet would have hurtled to a nearly treeless state.

och utan kol och olja hade vi antingen utvecklat en självdisciplin, eller så hade vi huggit ner alla trän och så hade blivit som på påskön:

And one thing is nearly certain: in such a world, we would either have developed the discipline to stay within our ability to grow and protect our tree supply, or we would eventually have pulled an Easter Island, cutting down the last trees and then watching, first, our quality of life decline and then, eventually, our population implode.

Det är nog sant som vissa ekonomer har invänt att resursbrist är något vi flera gånger tidigare har ställs inför som exemplet med träet visar. Men det betyder inte att det kommer vara lika lätt att hitta ersättning varje gång.

Apropå optimism skriver han:

This excessive optimism has also been stuck up my nose several times on climate change, where so many otherwise sensible people would much prefer an optimistic sound bite from Fox News than to listen to bad news, even when clearly realistic. I have heard several brilliant contrarian financial analysts, siding with climate skeptics, all for want of, say, 10 or 12 hours of their own serious analysis. My complete lack of success in stirring up interest in our resource problems has similarly impressed me: it was like dropping reports into a black hole. Finally, in desperation, we have ground a lot of data and, the more we grind, the worse, unfortunately, it looks.



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