Ballad om Peak Oil?

You And The Candles från skivan Treeful of Starling från år 2006:

when societies crumble
and everything’s gone
and the cars are all rusted away
and there ain’t no more money
and there’s nothing to buy
and all that we have is the day

when the world becomes silent
no planes in the air
when the voices just gather to sing
when the guns are the fence post
the cars are the doghouse
and the telephones no longer ring

what, what of the night
with no electrical light
so what then?

you, you and the candles
will be all that i need
your face bathed in the firelight
will be all i want to see
and i’ll still sing you a song
that will last the whole night long
you, you and the candles

Artisten heter Hawksley Workman.
(tillväxt, peak oil )



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