Biblioteket i Alexandria

Enligt Garik Tate:

The burning of the library of Alexandria is one of the greatest tragedies in history. Let me put it this way, in all likelihood if the library hadn’t been burned, then we would probably be using warp drives or by the very least colonizing mars.

Caliph Omar is the last man to be blamed for destroying the great library. Caliph was a Moslem. The Moslems had conquered the city and the general had heard of the library which supposedly held all the information in the world. He asked his adviser Caliph who suggested that they burn the books to heat up the bath house. Since they [the books in the library] would either agree with the Koran and there for be unnecessary or disagree in which case it would be heresy. It is said it took 6 months to burn all the books.

Det finns även en film om händelserna kring brännandet av biblioteket som heter Agora. I den verkar det vara en kristen mob som får skulden för att biblioteket brändes upp. När jag sökte på ”burning of alexandria agora” så är första träffen artikeln med den långa titeln Christians did not burn the library at Alexandria and other things “Agora” gets wrong, här. Marc Cortez citerar en annan artikel på ungefär samma tema där det står att:

In the end, the true story of Hypatia—which no one will ever make into a film—tells us very little about ancient religion, or about the relation between ancient Christianity and the sciences, and absolutely nothing about some alleged perennial conflict between Christianity and science; but it does tell us a great deal about social class in the late Hellenistic world.


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