The meekness of love

I found this suggestive image at NASAs website, on a page about solar flares. They are trying to raise awareness and want the infrastructure to be improved so that it is more resilient against solar flares.

At the same time my mind was occupied with solar eruptions and Nasas warning,
in came a song by Built to Spill, through my ears. The song’s title is Things fall Apart. I quote part of the lyrics below.

We’ve all seen enough, now it’s time to decide
The meekness of love or the power of pride
It doesn’t matter if you’re good or smart
God damn it, things fall apart

Let’s go for a walk. yeah, let’s go for a drive
Don’t know how to say, thanks for being alive
Let’s go for a lifetime. let’s go for a fling
Don’t know how to say anything

You can listen to Things fall apart here. They write:

The title’s possibly a reference to William Butler Yeats’ “The Second Coming,” but the story’s more about apocalypse on an intimate scale.



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