In a world that’s not so bad

I few days ago I listened to Hans Rosling — professor of international health, who gave a talk with the title ”Has the world become a better place?” You can watch the presentation at One of his key points is that the world is not such bad place anymore.

Velvet Walz by my favorite band (according to Built to spill initially gives me this drowsy feeling you get after a good night’s sleep waking up late to a shining sun in the summer-time. In this moment, you may be lacking butter in your fridge, but you feel that the world ain’t such a bad place. Doug Martsch begins to sing

in a world that’s not so bad

in comfy tone. But then he continues

in a world time was killing in the sun
in a world that's not so bad
in a world time was killing in the sun
in the sun
in the sun
you took all that moment
and you kept it in the sun
now it's gone because you left it in the sun
was a brave idea
didn't mean no harm
now it's burnt because you left it in the sun
was a grave mistake
but how could you have known
the temperature, the distance of the sun

It strikes me that even in a world that’s not so bad,
with social justice and happy lives,
played out on sunny beaches under palm trees,
and at creative work places,
time will still keep counting down for living beings.
Time will do this in broad day-light,
even though everybody’s watching.

This basic condition for life is so hard to accept,
for all musicians participating in this song


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