Gremlins was a movie that came 1984. Three years after I was born. The hero-pet of this movie is the character you can see above. (I stole the picture from this blog.) His name is Mogwai. He can shoot burning arrows at his evil cousins and is really cute. There was also a game with this theme. During my life-time I have however spent more attention to the band with the same name. On the first track, Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home, of one of their first albums they have cited a fan which describes the band’s music as ”bigger than words and wider than pictures” and who states that ”If the stars had a sound, it would sound like this.” I would not go as far as to the stars but they have their moments.

Killing all the flies from Happy Songs for happy people (2003)


youtube (this is not a very good video)

The title reminds me of how we like life, but certainly not all forms of life (parasites, fungus, flies,…) and certainly not everywhere (kitchen etc). We want to control it.



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