Sea Change

A couple of years ago I came across this band called Seachange. They seem to be fairly unknown. They have released an album called Disband in Bonn 2007 so apparently they have already split up. Dismemberment plan and Pavement are other band which I just had discovered when they were about to split. Actually it was the same with Nirvana back in the days.

Seachange — Lay of the land contains a lot eerie dark rock songs about unlit roads and abandoned houses and stuff. The singer has desperate tone and there is a sense of urgency and importance. First song is about  a guy who kills his girlfriend because of jeaulosy and buries her . Another song about a paranoid man who isolates himself in a cottage in the woods and ”he hadn’t have talk for a while he wanted to feel understood”. The subject of The Night Watch is not clear to me but has a delicious startup with the instruments and lyrics starting simultanously ”Hey that’s funny look at me I’m laughing, laughing … whissling in the dark makes me nervous, nervous”. I also like Carousel, and Fog which is sounds like a try to persuade a girl to move in with him into a house on the country-side.

Glitterball below is something about some kind of tragedy or accident and someone is encouraged to try his/her best to escape from the scene now that it has happened.



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